Admission Closed 2016-2017

Ojo Omodele Victoria, Nigeria (B.A. LL.B. Ist Year, Ist Semester)

I am so happy to have an opportunity to study in Subharti Institute of Law. It is an institution of national eminence in the field of legal education and research. The primary asset of this law college is its eminent and learned faculty members. The environment here is very comfortable for students & staff members. Seminars, workshops, guest lectures, debate competitions etc. are regularly organised here.
It trains the students for becoming advocates until the time they complete their five years on campus. The opportunity and exposure to such activities and interaction with people from different fields, goes a long way in broadening the perceptions and mental horizons of the students studying here. The classrooms are equipped with the requisite paraphernalia, which are largely functional. The library is richly equipped with wide range of books from within and outside the legal field. The college also provides sports facilities such as football, table tennis, cricket, volleyball, badminton etc. to its students to ensure their all round development. The knowledge and experience acquired here, is second to none. Rather, it prepares its students for better job prospects and equips them sufficiently to face the real world legal challenges thereafter.

Mordecai Kampango, Zambia (B.A. LL.B. IInd Year, IIIrd Semester)

The question that often came to my mind before leaving my home shores was, how will I stay in a different country, leaving all my loved ones behind? This did fill me with strange fear when I was enrolled at Swami Vivekanand Subharti University. First and foremost, academic wise, one thing that bothered me was the language barrier. It would have been pointless to attend lessons knowing I was not a Hindi speaking national but after joining Subharti Institute of Law all my fears were dispelled. Many a times my teachers broke into Hindi for the benefit of my fellow classmates, who are from the vernacular background and sometime found it slightly difficult to understand the lectures in English but the faculty members also give me the opportunity to ask, so as to remove my confusions and make things more simple & clear for me, as well. If they ran out of time in class, I can approach them after class and they have been more than willing to help me out, if they could. The members of staff try, by all means, to create a congenial environment for us and I deeply appreciate them for this, for it is because of them that I have got this far.

I have everything at my disposal, ie., use of the well equipped library as well as the computer lab, to help in the smooth running of my studies. Educative programs such as Law Day, Womens Day are organized, when we are called upon to speak on a designated topic so as to increase our awareness on the social/legal problems rampant locally and internationally. This has helped me to express myself freely in front of a large gathering. Like they say, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, the ‘College Sports Day’ held each year is what both the staff and students need to unwind and gave the students a marvelous time out of class. In all, it is a friendly campus that makes you feel at home. As for my experience it’s a great pleasure to be at Subharti University which is nothing short of a home away from home, so encompassing. I have developed a strong affinity with the place and the people, with whom I get well with. Thanks Subharti.

Tshechu, Bhutan (B.A. LL.B. IIIrd Year, Vth Semester)

Looking back, I think I could not have made a better decision than joining Subharti University for Law from the many choices I had two years ago. Two years down, I feel Subharti Campus is a dream destination for those looking for a peaceful, disciplined and purposeful education at the higher professional level. It is a melting pot of different cultures, nationalities, faiths and beliefs, brought together under one banner, ‘Arise, awake and Stop not till the goal is reached’. The campus is welcoming, supportive especially to foreigners, who hail from different countries and cultures.

The faculty of the Law College is not only highly qualified, learned competent but compassionate as well, who help you to adjust and settle beautifully. Class-room environment reminds you of your school days, soaked in seriousness yet absorbing and engaging in ever sense of the word. Here academics is beautifully balanced with co-curricular activities like outdoor games, seminars, lectures etc. which provides us with the desired exposure and awareness. The infrastructure of the college, campus is world-class supported by facilities like medical assistance, transport, Wi-fi internet, cafeterias, gyms etc. which makes the place the most happening and sought after campus in the entire region. I am sure that with the quality of education received and the exposure & experience gained, one day I will achieve my goal i.e. to become a confident & competent lawyer serving my country Bhutan & its people conscientiously. The culture and the education of this University is value based-value oriented and that is what I like the best about this place.

Jyotinmoy Mukherji (B.A. LL.B. IIIrd Year, Vth Semester)

Many dreams may or may not come true but my dream of studying in a world class campus has certainly come true. Subharti is not only a place to study but this place is worth worshipping, in terms of supporting faculty members. This complete package results in success of each one of us. The Subharti campus is surrounded by greenery, which takes special care of pollution free environment. Wi-fi campus, cafeterias and separate gyms for both boys and girls are other attractions and one of the main reasons why one must come to Subharti.

Enna Maheshwari (B.A.LL.B. Vth Year, IXth Semester)

Subharti Institute of Law is a widely respected leading institution of higher education in India. Our college has leading faculty, staff and students which play an important role in shaping the University’s reputation. In doing this, a unified voice and look is essential in amplifying institutional recognition, and in highlighting the exclusive values that distinguish our college from the rest of the world. Our law school is a giant of knowledge, having the curriculum which inculcates the nurturing of students not only in academics but also in extra-curricular activities to set the benchmark to look forward and ahead. It gives the opportunity to explore the untapped potential in practical and theoretical parameters. Most importantly, I pay my sincere gratitude to our respected Principal Sir and our diligent faculty members without which our receptive of new ideas and concepts would have been incomplete. We can not only absorb and adopt legal concepts effortlessly but also are able to express and share the same succinctly. It feels an immense pleasure and I feel proud to be a Subhartian and on behalf of each and every one I invite all of you to join the Subharti family for enhancing the better tomorrow.