Admission Closed 2016-2017

Under-Graduate Courses : Sardar Patel Subharti Institute of Law

B.A. LL.B.

Ist Semester


1. General & Legal English BL-101

2. Political Science –I (Fundamental of Political Science) BL-102

3. Sociology-I (Legal Sociology) BL-103

4. Indian History-I (Ancient to 1857) BL-104

5. Law of Tort including MV Accident and Consumer Protection Laws BL-105

6. General Principles and Theories of Contract (Sec. 1 to 75) BL-106

IInd Semester


1. Advance English Communication & Writing BL-201

2. Political Science-II (Western Political Thought) BL-202

3. Sociology –II (Law and Social Change) BL-203

4. History of Courts and Legislatures BL-204

5. Specific (Special) Contract BL-205

1. Hindi/ Basics of Computer Language and Its application BL-206

(Foreign Student only)

IIIrd Semester


1. Political Science-III (Indian Political Thought) BL-301

2. Sociology –III (Law, Moral and Society) BL-302

3. World History BL-303

4. Jurisprudence BL-304

5. Constitutional Law-I (upto Art. 51 A) BL-305

6. Environmental Law & Climate Change BL-306

IVth Semester


1. Political Science-IV (Indian Polity and Public Administration) BL-401

2. Indian History –II (Freedom Movement 1857-1947) BL-402

3. General Studies BL-403

4. Constitutional Law-II (Art. 52 to 395)BL-404

5. Principles of Transfer of Property Laws BL-405

6. Family Law-I (Laws of Marriage & Divorce) BL-406

Vth Semester


1. Political Science-V (International Organisations) BL-501

2. Logic & Reasoning BL-502

3. Company Law and Partnership BL-503

4. Family Law-II (Laws of inheritance, Succession, Guardianship, will etc.) BL-504

5. Principles of Criminal Law & IPC BL-505

6. Labour and Industrial Law – I (Labour Management Relations) BL-506

VIth Semester


1. Political Science-VI (Organization of Law and Political Parties) BL-601

2. Criminal Minor Acts BL-602

3. Law of Criminal Procedure BL-603

4. Administrative Law BL-604

5. Law of Evidence BL-605

6. Labour and Industrial Law – II (Social Security Legislations) BL-606

VIIth Semester


1. Law of Civil Procedure BL-701

2. Media Law & Public Awareness BL-702

3. Banking Law (Bankruptcy and Insolvency) BL-703

4. Criminal Psychology, Penology and VictimologyBL-704

5. Private International LawBL-705

6. Alternate Dispute Resolution (Practical) BL-706

VIIIth Semester


1. Public International Law BL-801

2. Comparative Constitution BL-802

3. GATT & WTO BL-803

4. White Color Crime & Criminal Sociology BL-804

5. Humanitarian & Refuge Law BL-805

6. Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System (Practical) BL-806

IXth Semester


1. Land Laws including Tenure and Tenancy system BL-901

2. Interpretation of Statute and Legislation BL-902

3. Human Right Law, Practice and RTI BL-903

4. Intellectual Property Law BL-904

5. Equity, Trust and Fiduciary Obligations BL-905

6. Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing (Practical) BL-906

Xth Semester


1. International Trade LawBL-1001

2. Elective –I BL-1002

3. Elective-II BL-1003

4. Moot Court and Internship (Practical) BL-1004

For specialization the students in Xth Semester shall select any two elective papers out

of the following:- (Minimum 10 Students per elective)

1. Mining Laws

2. Law of Medical Jurisprudence

3. Citizenship and Law of Emigration

4. Public Health Laws

5. Cyber Law and Cyber Space

6. Insurance Law

7. Law of Taxation